We're looking for talented people that above all like to solve problems. No matter your particular skill set, you'll need to analyze, think critically, apply your experience & knowledge, and innovate methods & processes to yield better results. Working at Volt, you'll be required to continually learn and teach by taking (and giving) courses & workshops on the latest changes and technology in your field. 




Our Software Engineer / Developers work on everything from designing site architectures, working in Rails, iOS8 and Swift, developing mobile apps, APIs, and developing systems for a large variety of businesses.

But most importantly, it includes developing for the latest technology, Virtual Reality (Unity, Unreel, Blender, etc.), which is a very creative and challenging space. 



Our animators work on diverse projects and are expert chameleons in creating stunning visuals & art. Volt Animators work in graphic design, 2D & 3D videos (these range from explainers, to fun compilations, to commercials, & more), storyboarding, crafting narrative, 360 filming, 3D modelling & character design, and creating full 360 environments in VR. 

Volt Animators are masters of animation, but also in creating and learning how to make visuals that drive value & inspire viewers no matter the medium.




Our digital marketers are ninjas of copywriting, social channels, and paid ad platforms. Volt is a registered Google Partner, which means our digital marketers work heavily with Google Adwords, and Analytics as well. This position includes working directly with brands to strategize full campaigns, working in cross-disciplinary teams, executing campaigns, social engagement, & analysis and monitoring.