What kinds of projects does Volt take?

We take all kinds of projects where design & technology are needed! But usually our projects spur from an underlying business need.

The beauty of how we work is that we adjust to the business need at-hand. Whether it’s growing a client base through social marketing, improving a brand’s image, developing or updating a website, building a mobile application, or creating an amazing 360 video, we use the right strategy that fits the project. 

What is Volt's methodology and approach?

We use Agile Methodology in all of our development projects - it yields the best possible development outcome. 

And for all projects, we keep the target business outcome in focus. Because at the end of the day, if your site has great design but doesn’t work on mobile, or if you acquired 10,000 Facebook "Likes" but no sales, what’s the point? We stick to the true business goal and use metrics like a boss.

So Volt is a "one-stop-shop"?

We like to think of our proficiencies and expertise as one giant toolbox. Sometimes we use different tools and in different frequencies depending on the project. And we believe each project is different, so we rarely use the exact same combination.

Our team is skilled in design, digital arts, technology, and business management. We have a wide scope of experience to pull from.

How can I be sure my project will be a success?

No matter the project, an experienced consultant lead the charge and makes sure deliverables are met, on time, and with the right people on-board.

And if Volt has a single magical power, it’s client service. We live and die by the happiness of our clients (dramatic, but true.)

How do technology / dev projects work?

Our timelines and delivery structure adjust to the project purpose, platform, scale, complexity, etc.

We usually tackle development projects by proposing a general timeline and agreeing to firm deliverable dates. Then after we deliver, we typically switch to a monthly support and maintenance plan.

As far as timelines go, we have delivered a simple website in 10 working days and mobile apps in 2 - 4 few weeks.

How do marketing projects work?

Most digital marketing projects are three, six, nine, or twelve month contracts.

We are flexible, so we also handle monthly projects if you insist, but we strongly recommend at least three months in order to realize results (after all, marketing is like novocaine. It takes a little time for you to really feel it).


What happens if i am not satisfied with a project?

This has never happened to us in the history of our agency’s existence. We hold regular check-points with all clients so there’s almost never a “surprise” or an “oops!” even on a small scale. And by all means, if this should ever happen we will fix it.

And just for fun our 3 founders will take turns doing pushups every hour until delivery is met.